Fresno County Public Index (California)

Fresno County Courts act as judicial bodies to resolve legal disputes, including civil and criminal cases in Fresno County, California. They may also provide a searchable public index of Fresno County court records, including case information, trial outcomes, and any sentences, plea bargains, or settlements. Fresno County public indexes allow searches by name or business name, by case number, or by court or case type, which can provide information on misdemeanors and felonies, traffic court violations, family court cases, divorce records, and appeal records. Many Courts provide online access to the Fresno County public index.

Fresno County Superior Court Fresno CA 1100 Van Ness Avenue 93724 559-457-1700

Fresno Juvenile Court Fresno CA 742 South 10th Street 93702 559-455-5195

Fresno Small Claims Court Fresno CA 2317 Tuolumne Street 93721 559-497-4100

Fresno Traffic Court Fresno CA 1255 Fulton Mall 93721 559-488-2626

Fresno County Libraries collect and store documents and multimedia records which they make available to the public in Fresno County, California. A Library, especially a state library or municipal library, may also store public records. Libraries often make these records available through a public index, or a searchable database to locate Fresno County government agency reports, government publications, vital records, and other public documents. These records can be used to find information on any individual or business, look up government documents, or conduct a background check, and Fresno County public indexes may be available on the Library website.

Auberry Branch Library Auberry CA 33049 Auberry Road 93602 559-855-8523

Bear Mountain Library Squaw Valley CA 30733 East Kings Canyon Road 93675 559-332-2528

Big Creek Library Big Creek CA 55185 Point Road 93605 559-893-6614

Caruthers Neighborhood Library Caruthers CA 13382 South Henderson Road 93609 559-864-8766

Clovis Library Clovis CA 1155 5th Street 93612 559-600-9531

Easton Branch Library Fresno CA 25 East Fantz Avenue 93706 559-237-3929

Fig Garden Regional Library Fresno CA 3071 West Bullard Avenue 93711 559-600-4071

Firebaugh Branch Library Firebaugh CA 1315 O Street 93622 559-600-9274

Fresno County Library Laton CA 6313 De Woody Street 93242 559-923-4554

Fresno County Library Fowler CA 306 South 7th Street 93625 559-600-9281

Fresno County Library : Senior Resource Center Fresno CA 2025 East Dakota Avenue 93726 559-453-6767

Fresno County Library, Sanger Branch Sanger CA 1812 7th Street 93657 559-875-2435

Fresno County Public Library Fresno CA 2420 Mariposa Street 93721 559-600-7323

Fresno County Public Library - Selma Branch Selma CA 2200 Selma Street 93662 559-896-3393

Fresno County Public Library - Shaver Lake Branch Shaver Lake CA 41344 Tollhouse Road 93664 559-841-3330

German Library & Museum Fresno CA 3233 North West Avenue 93705 559-229-8287

Gillis Branch Library Fresno CA 629 West Dakota Avenue 93705 559-225-0140

Kauffman Library Fresno CA 5130 East Clinton Way 93727 559-253-2265

Kerman Branch Library Kerman CA 15081 West Kearney Boulevard 93630 559-846-8804

Kingsburg Branch Library Kingsburg CA 1399 Draper Street 93631 559-897-3710

Law Library Fresno CA 2281 Tulare Street 93721 559-600-3534

Mendota Branch Library Mendota CA 1246 Belmont Avenue 93640 559-655-3391

Mosqueda Branch Library Fresno CA 4670 East Butler Avenue 93702 559-453-4072

Orange Cove Branch Library Orange Cove CA 815 Park Boulevard 93646 559-600-9292

Parlier Branch Library Parlier CA 1130 East Parlier Avenue 93648 559-646-3835

Pinedale Branch Library Fresno CA 7170 North San Pablo Avenue 93650 559-439-0486

Politi Branch Library Fresno CA 5771 North First Street 93710 559-431-6450

Reedley Branch Library Reedley CA 1027 E Street 93654 559-638-2818

Riverdale Branch Library Riverdale CA 20975 Malsbary Street 93656 559-867-3381

San Joaquin Branch Library San Joaquin CA 8781 South Main Street 93660 559-693-2171

Fresno County Town and City Halls provide municipal services to their area, which includes keeping a number of documents that are accessible to the public in Fresno County, California. Fresno County public records, including vital documents, property records, and permit records, may be available through a public index database. Fresno County public indexes can provide searchable databases for birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce records, and death certificates, as well as property-related records like property tax assessments, property appraisals, and property owner information. These records can help conduct a Fresno County background check or locate information about a person or business.

Clovis City Hall Clovis CA 1033 5th Street 93612 559-822-2426

Firebaugh City Hall Firebaugh CA 1133 P Street 93622 559-659-2043

Fowler City Hall Fowler CA 128 South 5th Street 93625 559-834-3113

Fresno City Hall Fresno CA 6820 North Chance Avenue 93710 559-621-2489

Huron City Hall Huron CA 36311 S LASSEN Ave 93234 559-945-2241

Kingsburg City Hall Kingsburg CA 1401 Draper Street 93631 559-897-5821

Mendota City Hall Mendota CA 643 Quince St 93640 559-655-4298

Orange Cove City Hall Orange Cove CA 633 6th Street 93646 559-626-4488

Parlier City Hall Parlier CA 1100 East Parlier Avenue 93648 559-646-3545

Reedley City Hall Reedley CA 845 G Street 93654 559-637-4200

San Joaquin City Hall San Joaquin CA 21900 West Colorado Avenue 93660 559-693-4311

Fresno County Archives preserve documents and other records that hold historical significance in Fresno County, California. They may also keep public records such as Fresno County birth certificates, property sale records, and historical maps. Archives may provide a public index to search for their documents by type, location, name, or business name. These public indexes can also provide information on historic property boundaries, death certificates, and criminal records, making them valuable resources for conducting Fresno County genealogical research. Archives may provide access to the Fresno County public index on their website.

Fresno County Archive Fresno CA 1963 E Street 93706 559-457-4903

Reedley College Admissions & Records Archive Reedley CA 995 North Reed Avenue 93654 559-638-0323

Fresno County Clerk Offices maintain public records for a county or local government, including vital records, property records, and permit records in Fresno County, California. Clerks may provide a public index to search their Fresno County records, which can provide information on birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce records, and death certificates. Fresno County public indexes may also contain property tax assessments, real estate appraisal reports, property owner information, and other records related to property. Fresno County Clerks may provide online access to their public index, which can be used for many forms of research.

Fresno County Clerk Fresno CA 2221 Kern Street 93721 559-600-8683

Kerman City Clerk Kerman CA 850 South Madera Avenue 93630 559-846-9380

Orange Cove City Clerk Orange Cove CA 633 6th Street 93646 559-626-5100