St. Louis County Public Index (Minnesota)

St. Louis County Courts act as judicial bodies to resolve legal disputes, including civil and criminal cases in St. Louis County, Minnesota. They may also provide a searchable public index of St. Louis County court records, including case information, trial outcomes, and any sentences, plea bargains, or settlements. St. Louis County public indexes allow searches by name or business name, by case number, or by court or case type, which can provide information on misdemeanors and felonies, traffic court violations, family court cases, divorce records, and appeal records. Many Courts provide online access to the St. Louis County public index.

Duluth County Court Duluth MN 100 North 5th Avenue West 55802 218-726-2460

Hibbing County Court Hibbing MN 1810 12th Avenue East 55746 218-262-0105

St. Louis County Libraries collect and store documents and multimedia records which they make available to the public in St. Louis County, Minnesota. A Library, especially a state library or municipal library, may also store public records. Libraries often make these records available through a public index, or a searchable database to locate St. Louis County government agency reports, government publications, vital records, and other public documents. These records can be used to find information on any individual or business, look up government documents, or conduct a background check, and St. Louis County public indexes may be available on the Library website.

Arrowhead Library System Mountain Iron MN 5528 Emerald Avenue 55768 218-741-3840

Aurora Public Library Aurora MN 14 West 2nd Avenue North 55705 218-229-2021

Babbitt Public Library Babbitt MN 71 South Drive 55706 218-827-3345

Buhl Public Library Buhl MN 400 Jones Avenue 55713 218-258-3391

Chisholm Public Library Adult Chisholm MN 300 West Lake Street 55719 218-254-7913

Cook Public Library Cook MN 103 South River Street 55723 218-666-2210

Duluth Public Library Duluth MN 520 West Superior Street 55802 218-730-4200

Ely Public Library Ely MN 30 South 1st Avenue East 55731 218-365-5140

Eveleth Public Library Eveleth MN 614 Pierce Street 55734 218-744-7499

Hoyt Lakes Public Library Hoyt Lakes MN 206 Kennedy Memorial Drive 55750 218-225-2412

Iron Range Research Center Chisholm MN 1005 Discovery Drive 55719 218-254-7959

Kinney Public Library Kinney MN 400 Main Street 55758 218-258-2232

St. Louis County Clerk Offices maintain public records for a county or local government, including vital records, property records, and permit records in St. Louis County, Minnesota. Clerks may provide a public index to search their St. Louis County records, which can provide information on birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce records, and death certificates. St. Louis County public indexes may also contain property tax assessments, real estate appraisal reports, property owner information, and other records related to property. St. Louis County Clerks may provide online access to their public index, which can be used for many forms of research.

Aurora City Clerk Aurora MN 16 West 2nd Avenue North 55705 218-229-2614

Babbitt City Clerk Babbitt MN 71 South Drive 55706 218-827-2188

Buhl City Clerk Mountain Iron MN 300 Jones Avenue 55768 218-258-3226

Duluth Clerk Duluth MN 2002 London Road, Ste 300 55812 218-728-4231

Ely City Clerk Ely MN 209 E Chapman St 55731 218-365-3224

Embarrass Town Clerk Embarrass MN 7503 Levander Rd 55732 218-984-2084

Gilbert City Clerk Gilbert MN 16 South Broadway 55741 218-748-2232

Hibbing City Clerk Hibbing MN 401 East 21st Street, Rm 300 55746 218-362-5937

Hoyt Lakes Clerk Hoyt Lakes MN 123 Kennedy Memorial Drive 55750 218-225-2344

Keewatin City Clerk Hibbing MN 127 West 3rd Avenue 55746 218-778-6517

St. Louis County Town and City Halls provide municipal services to their area, which includes keeping a number of documents that are accessible to the public in St. Louis County, Minnesota. St. Louis County public records, including vital documents, property records, and permit records, may be available through a public index database. St. Louis County public indexes can provide searchable databases for birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce records, and death certificates, as well as property-related records like property tax assessments, property appraisals, and property owner information. These records can help conduct a St. Louis County background check or locate information about a person or business.

Babbitt City Hall Babbitt MN 71 South Drive 55706 218-827-3464

Beatty Town Hall Cook MN 8835 Beatty Rd 55723 218-666-2932

Biwabik City Hall Biwabik MN 321 Main Street 55708 218-865-4186

Canosia Town Hall Duluth MN 4896 Midway Road 55811 218-729-9833

Carpenter City Town Hall Cook MN 18286 State Highway 1 55723 218-376-4591

Cherry Town Hall Iron Junction MN 9831 Minnesota 37 55751 218-262-4158

Chisholm City Hall Chisholm MN 316 West Lake Street, Ste 3 55719 218-254-7900

Colvin Town Hall Makinen MN 2579 Vermilion Trail 55763 218-638-2286

Cook City Hall Cook MN 127 South River Street 55723 218-666-2200

Culver Town Hall Brookston MN 5292 Highway 31 55711 218-453-1128

Duluth City Hall Duluth MN 411 West 1st Street, Rm 403 55802 218-730-5000

Duluth Town Hall Duluth MN 6092 Homestead Road 55804 218-525-5705

Ely City Hall Ely MN 209 East Chapman Street 55731 218-365-3224

Embarrass Town Hall Embarrass MN 7503 Levander Road 55732 218-984-2020

Eveleth City Hall Eveleth MN 413 Pierce Street 55734 218-744-7444

Floodwood City Hall Floodwood MN 111 West 8th Avenue 55736 218-476-2751

Grand Lake Town Hall Twig MN Highway 53 55791 218-729-8978

Grand Lake Town Hall Saginaw MN 6279 Industrial Rd 55811 218-729-8978

Grand Lake Town Hall Duluth MN 5297 Miller Trunk Hwy 55811 218-729-4962

Halden Town Hall Floodwood MN 5523 South Savanna Road 55736 218-476-2684

Hibbing City Hall Hibbing MN Rm 300, 401 E 21st St, Rm 300 55746 218-262-3486

Industrial Town Hall Saginaw MN 7519 Albert Road 55779 218-729-5268

Lakewood Town Hall Duluth MN 3110 Strand Road 55803 218-525-4991

McDavitt Town Hall Forbes MN 9042 Zim Road 55738 218-744-1092

Melrude Town Hall Cotton MN 1767 Melrude Road 55724 218-482-3407

Midway Town Hall Duluth MN 3230 Midway Rd 55810 218-624-2766